Thursday, March 12, 2009

Chris & Christina wed!

Gorgeous bride & groom, super fun wedding party, beautiful locations, lovely attention to detail- What more could a photographer ask for?! :) This wedding was such a blast to photograph! And as you can see I had many favorites.. although, I couldn't post them all, just a few ;)
Chris & Christina, Moises & I wish you an eternity of joy & love! Thank you again for allowing us to capture your special day!!

Can you see the bride's reflection in the ring?

Gotta love those shoes!

Beautiful bride!

This one is my personal favorite :)

I love how the chairs were in a circle. To me, it was such a thoughtful & creative idea!


robin said...

Beautiful images! Looks like a lovely wedding. I think my favorite is the wide one right after the ceremony shots. I'd want that one big on my wall.

JK's Mental Notes said...

What the what!!? These are fantastic! Great images lady!!!! Teach me.. Teach me!!! :O)

Your B&G are going to be FLOORED!