Monday, May 12, 2008

Behind the scenes

Friday we photographed a prom for our local church private school... Well, the students were all gone, it was just Moises and I, and a friend of ours (who's also a teacher there) who suggested we take a picture together. So Moises and I posed for the camera and then after our "normal" photo, we started goofing off... to say the least... lol!

And I'll bet all you TSS students who are reading this are wondering who that teacher of yours was? hehe ;)

ps. the prom theme was, "A Whole New World" :)

Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dear sister-in-law Jennie whose birthday is today!! :)

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Jonathan Dear said...

Wow thats a prom set?? That rocks! You guys look like alot of fun!