Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Our new puppy!

Saturday evening we bought a new puppy.. a Harlequin Great Dane and we named him Blu. In the pics below you can see why we did. He has one blue eye :)
Blu is very playful and the boys love him.. and of course, we adults do too! We have been wanting to buy a dog for the boys for a very long time but didn't feel it was time yet, until now. Great Dane's are a breed Moises and I love.. "gentle giants" is what they are referred to as which suits them perfectly IMO :) We love that they are just enormous!, loyal, and excellent with children. So when deciding on which breed of dog to buy for our family, the Great Dane won with flying colors! :)

We look forward to Blu growing up with the boys!


robin said...

My goodness, isn't he cute! He looks so sweet now... look forward to seeing more pictures as he grows bigger than the boys!

JK's Mental Notes said...

I {heart} Blu. Soooo cute! I love Great Danes as well. Can't wait to see the progression of his growth over time! A small horse for sure!