Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Celebrating 8 years of marriage!!

Today Moises and I are celebrating 8 years of marriage! Happy Anniversary to us!! :) It has been a wonderful 8 years, it truly has, & I am so blessed to have such a loving, selfless, considerate & affectionate husband. I love him completely, & it has been my joy to respect, love, and honor him thus far & to be called his wife.

Here are a few of our wedding photos! (They are scanned from our wedding album.) Ahhh the memories that run through my mind as I look at them... :)

And here's the most recent photo of us, taken in December (I was 5 months pregnant). Oh how much we've changed in 8 years! :)

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Brandi said...

Happy anniversary! You're still a good looking couple :)