Thursday, October 23, 2008

"Let's go fly a kite.."

Today was a perfect day for flying a kite! As soon as I looked out the window and said, "Wow it's windy out there!", Aricin exclaimed, "Let's go fly a kite!"
This is a kite we bought when we lived on the Oregon coast. Their kites are unlike any around these parts. We bought two, the other (not pictured) was of an acrobatic plane but we couldn't find all the pieces so that one had to stay home :( It is the coolest of the two so I was a bit disappointed & so were the boys but we still went & had fun :)

First, here's a pic of Nikos enjoying the beautiful day (taken a few days ago).

Ok, now the kite pics :)


Lisa Carpenter said...

Oh, these boys flying the kite and how you captured them...amazing!!

Lisa Carpenter said...

Oh, are these your little guys?

Michelle Morales Photography said...

Hi Lisa :) Thank you! And yes, these two belong to me :)