Thursday, April 24, 2008

Who ate my ice??

My 4 year old son Aricin has discovered ice (because we now have a fridge that makes it) and now loves to have ice in his cup.. 1) to make his water cold and 2) to eat the ice later. Well, this morning he asked for water- with ice!- and left it on the kitchen counter and walked away. He got distracted and started watching cartoons and so by the time he strolls back in, of course his ice had melted. So he looks into his cup and says, "Hey! Who ate my ice??" And then shoots me this "Mom, how could you??" type of look. I tried not to laugh and continued to explain to him how his ice melted. He didn't look like he understood so I showed him. I grabbed an ice from the ice box, turned on the faucet, and let the water run over the ice until it was gone. He thought it was just the coolest thing ever!! He said, "Cool, a magic trick!" LOL. :)
And then of course, he wanted to "practice" the magic trick too! :)

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