Friday, January 11, 2008

Not too shabby,

For my first time shooting a gun. I must say three shots was all I could handle because it was sooooo loud!! Moises and I went to an inside shooting range.. next time we'll go to an outside one!

I aimed at #5 (between the eyes), so I did pretty good... I think.
All the other shots were from Moises. I circled the ones by me... I also aimed at the 5 on the belly button but I wasn't sure exactly which one was mine... after a while my head was pounding and they all looked alike... ;)

Here are the Mr and Mrs... Yikes!

And lastly, does anyone know what this is?? It's a moth of some sorts but I'm wondering what species...? I've never seen it before. My husband found it. It sure is pretty though, with a furry head.. it almost looks like cat fur, or a bunch of tiny feathers, or something like that. :)

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