Monday, December 17, 2007

Hello :)

Hi Everyone!! I hope you all have been having a fabulous holiday season so far! :)
I have really been neglecting my blog the past few weeks.. there's just so much going on during the holiday season, but I love every minute of it! And it's finally gotten cold again here in South Florida- yay! It feels so nice out there! Gotta love that :)
Anyway, here are some photos of a couple of planes I was asked to photograph. It was soo much fun sticking half of my body out the window to get the shot! The wind was so intense my lower lip kept flapping against my teeth! lol!! So Enjoy :)

*Remember to click on the picture to view larger.


Becky Soyster said...

Wow, Michelle! These pictures are awesome!

Michelle Morales Photography said...

Thanks Becky! :)

Beaton Photography said...

Wow....those are exciting! What a great assignment! Wish I could get a few like that!

Michelle Morales Photography said...

Thank you Kay :)