Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Moises and I took the kids fishing for the first time today! :) We attempted this about a week ago but as soon as we put bait on the hook it started raining. And today as we were walking to go fishing it was sprinkling but we didn't let it stop us this time since it was just a little shower. We went fishing the old fashion way... we dug up our own worms & used cane poles, lol ;) We had a lot of fun!! :)

Daddy put the bait on for us.

Nikos wanted to help.

Caught one!!

Nikos smiled as though he was the one that caught it! lol :)

Aricin was a little nervous about the fish... (he didn't want to get dirty, hehe) :)

A total of 3 fish were caught... and guess who caught all 3? ..... Me :)

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